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The Process


Conceptualisation is the process of thinking about the website, its purpose and the target audience (website users/visitors).A crucial part of the website development process is establishing the Target Market. The target market is primarily the people the organisation is trying to reach through the internet.

No matter the size of a project, it’s always a good idea to spend some amount of time researching target audiences, competitor sites, and design trends in the same topic or industry. It may be tempting to just jump right into a wireframe or design based off of a few details, but I’ve never regretted taking the time to learn as much as I can about the client and the project first.

Web Design

Our artists not only focus on what looks good and is easy to use, they are also trained in the science of conversion marketing.

  • Find stock images
  • Create site design mockup
  • Post mockup on extranet for client review
  • Revise mockup based on client’s input
  • Obtain final approval on design


We will start the development after finalizing the design.

  • Slice mockup into images.
  • Perfect theming.
    • Develop theme skeleton from scratch.
    • Create regions and place holders.
    • Create template files and make layout as per design.
    • Typography and custom theme styles.
    • JavaScript and jQuery for banner, gallery, animation etc.
  • Code development
    • Install required modules and libraries.
    • Configure modules and customization.
    • Create block and assign to specific region.
    • Create addition content type, views, gallery etc.
    • Additional features development and custom module development.
  • Test and tweak page in supported browsers.


Testing is where we can determine is if the developed website meets the client's needs and requirements. This is when the client, developer and possible some users test the functionality of the website; does the website do what it is expected to do? This is when the website can be tested (presentation and layout) across the major web browsers and mobile phone browsers. This is the crucial process because there is no point in developing a website that is does not meet the functional requirements of both the owners and users.

Launch & Enjoy

Launching is the process of actually storing the website data in the location (webhost server) that people will be able to access via the internet when they visit the website.